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Spicy Black Bean Tacos

Thursday, 28th May 20

This delicious Mexican inspired recipe is nutrient-dense and loaded with protein and fibre. With a kick of chipotle chilli, this dish is packed with flavour and will fuel your body for No Meat May and beyond!

Oxford Students Vote to Ban Lamb and Bee...

Sunday, 22nd Nov 20

College dining halls typically feature meat-heavy menus with few veggie options, but Oxford students are voting to ban meat from the majority of campus eateries with the goal of making uni more earth-friendly.

The carbon footprint of your protein

Wednesday, 3rd Mar 21

If you aren’t ready or willing to give up meat—which could halve the carbon footprint of your diet in one fell swoop—should you change what kinds of meat you’re eating, or just opt for fewer meat-filled meals?

Meat-free diets are ‘unmanly’? Someo...

Sunday, 2nd May 21

If eating zero meat makes you less of a “masculine” man than those who do, then someone forgot to tell Forest Nash. The 29-year-old Men’s Physique bodybuilding champion & fitness trainer has never eaten meat.

What's with the Anarchy in the A?

Thursday, 20th May 21

No Meat May is a little bit punk, a little bit political, a little bit angry, and a big bit about empowering people to change things up for the better.

Meat, men, and toxic masculinity

Wednesday, 21st Jul 21

Why is gendered eating still a thing? We surveyed 1,000 Australians in March 2021 and 73% of male respondents were so wedded to meat, they would rather live up to 10 fewer years than give it up.

No Meat May saves 1.9 million animals in...

Tuesday, 27th Jul 21

The results are in! With each of our 65,055 registered participants for No Meat May 2021 saving approximately 31 land and sea animals, we saved a collective total of 1,984,178 living beings!

Creamy Pumpkin Pasta

Wednesday, 20th Oct 21

What's creamy, satisfying and bloody delicious? This creamy pumpkin pasta recipe is what! Full of garlic, veggies and of course, pumpkin, it's perfect for cold nights when only carbs will do!

Thai Tofu 'Fish' Cakes

Friday, 26th Nov 21

These Thai Tofu Fish Cakes from one of No Meat May faves Dee Kittimorakul of Kindness Cafe, are so fresh and full of flavour - they are the real deal!

Thai Jackfruit & Chickpea Curry

Sunday, 28th Nov 21

We love this delicious Thai Curry from Kindness Cafe's Dee Kittimorakul. Jackfruit & Chickpeas combine together to make a wonderful "meaty" dish.

Pulled Pork Style Pizza

Wednesday, 2nd Feb 22

Did you know you can recreate the texture of pulled pork using shredded Oyster Mushrooms!? Mushrooms are a serious contender when it comes to meat-replacements!

New study finds that Australians are not...

Thursday, 10th Mar 22

A new study from the UTS Institute of Sustainable Future commissioned by No Meat May & Vegan Australia shows clearly that Australians are not stupid - turns out we know a vegan sausage when we see it.

Onion Bhaji Burgers

Friday, 18th Mar 22

These Indian inspired Onion Bhaji Burgers are full of onions and spices, and bursting with flavour. They're baked, not fried, so healthier than a traditional onion bhaji too!

Peaches & Cream Pizza

Saturday, 19th Mar 22

Have you ever tried a sweet pizza? This peaches & cream hits the spot and is completely plant-based! A great way to get in one of those 5 a day too!

Blackbean, Zucchini & Corn Fritters

Sunday, 20th Mar 22

These blackbean zucchini corn fritters are a cracking brekky or brunch stack that everyone will love. Super easy to make, these fritters are packed full of nutrition and flavour.

No Meat Lovers Pizza

Monday, 28th Mar 22

Did you know you can still enjoy your favourite "Meat Lovers" pizza using only plant-based ingredients? This meaty pizza is topped with veggie bolognese, vegan sausage, and all your favourite veggies!

Scrambled Tofu & Saucy Mushrooms

Friday, 1st Apr 22

Scrambled tofu is the perfect dish for when you're craving a plate of scrambled eggs. And this Scrambled Tofu recipe does not disappoint. Served with a side of Saucy Mushrooms - it's simply delicious!

Rebecca's Whole Food Spelt Pizza

Sunday, 3rd Apr 22

We just love this whole food spelt base pizza from plant-based nutrition wellness advocate Rebecca Stonor. Topped with a plant-based mozzarella, made using cashews and tapioca, this pizza is super healthy and delicious!

Sri Lankan Kale & Coconut Salad

Monday, 4th Apr 22

This gorgeous Sri Lankan Kale & Coconut Salad makes for a tasty lunch, but is also a welcome addition to your avocado on toast or a stack of zuccini fritters!

Fruity Bread & Berry Pudding

Wednesday, 6th Apr 22

Our fruity take on classic bread & butter pudding is a great way to get those antioxidant-rich berries in. Topped with crushed walnuts, and served with coconut yoghurt, it's a real decadent treat!

Nadia's Easy Homemade Pizza

Monday, 25th Apr 22

This wonderfully easy homemade pizza recipe is courtesy of Nadia Fragnito from The Vegan Italian Kitchen. You won't need cheese or meat to enjoy this pizza!

Thai Red Curry

Monday, 5th Sep 22

We love this authentic Thai Red Curry recipe from Kindness Cafe, Sydney. Replacing meat with tofu is a great way to add low-fat protein into your day, and we think it tastes incredibly delicious!

Decadent Chocolate Pancakes

Tuesday, 6th Sep 22

Pancakes are just one of those breakfasts that everyone gets excited about. Decadent and dairy-free, these chocolate pancakes will not disappoint!