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Building a better you in 31 days

Monday, 8th Apr 24

You’ve decided to ditch animal products for a month! It’s not just our furry friends and the planet who’ll thank you, so will your body. Changing the way you eat might seem a little daunting at first but your efforts will be rewarded. In this blog we cover seven short-term benefits of ditching meat and upping the veggies!

Farmer Shifts to Kinder Milk

Monday, 25th Mar 24

Former dairy farmer, turned oat milk farmer shares his inspiring story on making the transition to plant-based farming, as seen in the incredible, award-winning documentary 73 Cows.

Grain Drain: How Animal Feed Devours Our...

Tuesday, 20th Feb 24

We don’t need to ramp up global food production to feed the world. We make more than enough food to feed the world’s population, but... a HUGE portion of it is fed to livestock. Understanding and reducing food waste at all stages of our food systems is crucial for ensuring a sustainable food future.

South Korea's Food Waste Solution

Wednesday, 14th Feb 24

Food waste is a huge global issue, however, South Korea are leading the way by effectively diverting 90% of their food waste from landfill, and converting it into heating, fertiliser, and animal feed.

Here's the lowdown on COP28

Tuesday, 23rd Jan 24

COP28 happened just last month, and there’s a lot to break down, but one things for certain—we must crank up the pressure to full throttle, and keep pushing for action to accelerate the change we so desperately need.

Game Changing Athletes: Plant-based and ...

Monday, 22nd Jan 24

In this interview, we debunk the notion that fitness and athletic performance is reliant on eating meat. Whether it’s to build muscle or increase stamina, it is absolutely possible to smash your fitness goals eating a plant-based diet!

Sanctuary Stories: Mario, The Last Pig

Monday, 11th Dec 23

Mario was rescued when a former pig farmer had a change of heart after repeatedly noticing the intellectual and emotional capabilities of the animals he was raising for slaughter. Read all about Mario’s incredible story, and the sanctuary that rescued him.

Have a Cracking Cruelty-Free Christmas

Wednesday, 6th Dec 23

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But navigating the Christmas dinner table can be a tricky one. If you don’t know where to begin, read on for our top tips and recipes for having a cracking cruelty-free Christmas!

Vegan Prawn & Avocado Cocktail

Tuesday, 5th Dec 23

This vegan prawn cocktail is a real crowd pleaser. The addition of avocado makes this super creamy and fresh, and the jackfruit & nori helps to add that fishy taste. Grab your ingredients and follow along with our recipe video.

Deforestation Rates Drop in Brazil's Ama...

Monday, 20th Nov 23

Amazon deforestation in Brazil plummets by 33.6% in 2023, driven by President Lula's environmental crackdown. Welcome news as Earth's forests absorb one-third of global carbon emissions. Despite progress, challenges remain in Brazil's pledge to end deforestation by 2030.