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Forest Nash, vegan body builder and fitness trainer

Are meat-free diets really 'unmanly'?

Someone should probably tell that to Forest Nash. Vegan since 2015, and raised on a vegetarian diet, Forest is a fitness trainer and bodybuilding champion who's never eaten meat!

And Forest is certainly achieving some serious fitness goals on his plant-based diet. Training incredibly hard 6 days a week, his diet assists with recovery and is certainly not lacking in protein!

The not-for-profit No Meat May surveyed 1000 Australian adults in March about perceptions around low-meat or no-meat diets and found men and women associate meat eating with “manliness”; 73 per cent of male respondents were so wedded to meat, they would rather live up to 10 fewer years than give it up.

No Meat May co-founder Ryan Alexander, a former meat eater, said the survey revealed how closely Australians linked meat eating with masculinity. It found many believed the more meat a man’s diet contained, the more masculine he was.

“Every year we roll out the [No Meat May] campaign and we do get a lot of resistance from men; 85 to 90 per cent of our sign-ups are women.

“The fact more than 70 per cent of men said they’d be prepared to live a shorter life is ironic as that is what some men [who eat a lot of meat] will experience: one in four men are dying from heart disease,” said Mr Alexander.

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