How to live to 100: Secrets from the Blue Zones. 

Here at No Meat May HQ, we want everyone to live a long, long, healthy and productive life, so we were excited to get the (salt reduced) popcorn out, dim the lights and tune into Netflix’s exciting new series ‘Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones - A Journey to Longevity’.

Now, let me tell you, this series isn’t just any run-of-the-mill health and wellness guide. Nope, it's a passport to the world's secret clubs of centenarians! This four-part series takes us from Okinawa's sandy shores, Sardinia's rolling hills, to the ancient island of Ikaria and around to Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula - and you get to hang with the locals all without leaving your couch. How's that for jet-setting on a budget?

Gorgeous images of these sundrenched and windswept destinations will have you daydreaming about your next vacation, or maybe even a life-changing relocation.

The beautiful island of Ikaria, one of the seven Blue Zones

The series, created by bestselling author Dan Buettner (and of course, there’s also a glossy book available) explores the science and lifestyles behind longevity.

Specifically, it examines ‘Blue Zones’ where higher than average numbers of the local population live, and thrive, long enough to mark a full century. Buettner shows us how these remarkable individuals, and communities, have cracked the code to living longer, fitter and fulfilling lives – and guess what? A big part of their secret is embracing plant-based, whole-food eating.

Picture a bowl brimming with mouthwatering Sardinian minestrone, a hearty stew packed with beans and veggies, or perhaps the simple yet exquisite pleasures of Okinawan sweet potatoes roasted to caramelized perfection. These are just a taste of the scrumptious plant-rich meals enjoyed by the Blue Zones residents.  

Eat more plants!

Whilst it’s certainly no spoiler that our health, happiness, and longevity are hugely dependent upon what we chose to put into our bodies, it’s brilliant to see this key message shared with more compelling data, inspiring role models, and repackaged in such an enaging way to reach a huge worldwide audience.  

The main goal of the No Meat May challenge is to get this message out into the world and this kind of mainstream program is so valuable, hopefully viewers will use this show to encourage those around them to lean more into healthy plant-based eating to maximise everyone’s health and longevity. 

Movement, connection, and purpose

But there’s so much else to learn from the Blue Zones communities, it's not just about what we eat, it’s also about how, and how much, we move. It's about the right mindset and environment too. Stress reduction? Check. Community? You bet. Having a purpose in life? Absolutely. It's fun to see the blueprint for happiness and longevity set out in this way. 

bluezones dancing in okinawa

We cannot recommend this series highly enough, it is educational, entertaining and an absolute visual feast. We will also be seeking kitchen inspiration from these adorable living legends that are portrayed with such respect and affection onscreen.

"Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones" is a reminder that living a long and happy life isn't rocket science; it's about savouring the good things and good foods in life, appreciating the simple joys and connecting with your fellow humans, and that ties in very nicely with our beliefs here at No Meat May. Do let us know your thoughts on the series, or better still, send us an invite to your 100th birthday! 

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