No Meat May saves 1.7 million animal lives in May 2023!

The results are in! With our 57,344 registered participants in No Meat May 2023, each saving an average of over 30 land and sea animals, together, we've spared the lives of an incredible 1,739,913 living beings!

On average each person who signed up for this years event, inspired one friend or family member to join them for a month of incredible plant-based food, so we estimate over 114,000 people took part this May.

Impact beyond May

Our survey of participants eating habits before and after the No Meat May challenge shows a collective:

  • 57% reduction in red meat

  • 50% reduction in chicken & turkey meat

  • 50% reduction in pig meat
  • 21% reduction in fish & sea animals

  • 30% reduction in chickens eggs

  • 36% reduction in dairy products

  • 34% increase in fruit & vegetables

  • 61% increase in pulses

  • 50% increase in nuts & seeds

The impact continues well beyond May, with 90% of participants reporting they have continued to reduce their consumption of animal products, and 22% reporting they have eliminating all meat since participating in the challenge.

Read more in the No Meat May 2023 Impact Report.