Farmer Shifts to Kinder Milk

Jay Wilde, a former dairy and beef farmer has done a complete 180 - he’s begun producing plant-based goods such as oat milk and adopting more sustainable farming practices. 

Jay’s change in farming is not only a huge win for cows but also for the planet through reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lower water usage, greater biodiversity and soil health. And his story has inspired an award-winning short film, 73 Cows, which you can watch here.

Jay has been part of a farming family since 1956, helping with the slaughter of his father's cows. As a 59-year-old he made a radical change after suffering guilt for decades. He gave up many of his cattle to a UK sanctuary, and kept the remaining cows on the farm to be cared for as part of the family.

“I feel so much better farming this way. It’s a weight off my shoulders. It’s certainly not a normal thing to do as a farmer, but I’m happy about it. I miss the cows, however it’s nice to think of them living a nice life in a sanctuary now. It just became more and more difficult taking them to slaughter.
- Jay Wilde, Farm Transformers 

With his wife Katja, Jay plans to build a permaculture farm, a plant based cooking school and a restaurant on the former dairy farm. They hope these additions will help support their local community with growing local produce and preparing plant-based meals.

Great news is that farm transformation stories like Jay's from "73 Cows" are becoming increasingly common as a part of a growing trend toward more sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Dive into Farm Transformers for more inspiring stories like Jay's, and be sure to set aside 15 minutes to watch the inspiring 73 Cows!

Jay's story is a powerful reminder that, regardless of how deep-seated our practices may be, it's always possible to embrace change for the better.

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