World Vegan Day: So Many Reasons

Georgia Brogan for No Meat May

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi

Every year on November the 1st we observe and celebrate World Vegan Day! 

It has been going strong since it began in 1994, as a celebration of healthy living and compassion towards the world and its animals. To join in the festivities, No Meat May is taking the opportunity to revisit the many reasons WHY we support and love a plant-based lifestyle. 

Before we jump in…

What is World Vegan day and why is it important?

  • It is known as a ‘day of action’, encouraging the exchange of ideas with others and facilitation of conversations with those who are not plant-based to raise awareness.
  • It celebrates the individual power we possess to contribute to animal and environmental protection in the world.
  • Vegan associations around the world band together to celebrate the day, so keep an eye out in your area for events! 
  • It is also an opportunity to gather your friends and family and share in some tasty plant-based food. 

So Many Reasons to be plant-based 

As No Meat May explains, going plant-based has so many benefits for yourself and the world.

  1. To save the planet - our current level of meat consumption is nowhere near sustainable. To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, and stop the biodiversity crisis we must shift to plant rich eating. 
  2. To save the animals - not even the most staunch meat eaters can hand on heart say that intensive farming of animals is any definition humane. 
  3. To better our health, at any age - there’s an overwhelming (and growing) body of evidence showing plant-rich eating is optimal for human health & longevity.
  4. To maintain food security -  the science could not be clearer, feeding the world without destroying our planet means we must eat a lot less animal products.

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