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Sanctuary Stories: Mario, The Last Pig

Monday, 11th Dec 23

Mario was rescued when a former pig farmer had a change of heart after repeatedly noticing the intellectual and emotional capabilities of the animals he was raising for slaughter. Read all about Mario’s incredible story, and the sanctuary that rescued him.

Sanctuary Stories: Ladybird from Lefty's...

Monday, 18th Sep 23

Ladybird was rescued from a Werribee cage egg farm, but as soon as she put her feet on the ground she was off and running... now no one can stop her! Read more about Ladybird and the incredible folks at Lefty's Place Animal Sanctuary.

No Meat May saves 1.7 million animals in...

Friday, 15th Sep 23

The results are in! With each of our 57,344 registered participants for No Meat May 2023 saving approximately 30 land and sea animals each, we saved a collective total of 1.7 million living beings!

To Fish... or not to Fish?

Monday, 21st Aug 23

“Can I eat fish whilst doing No Meat May?” - this is one of the biggest questions we get asked every year. Truth is, if we keep fishing at the current unsustainable rate we’ll have no fish left in our oceans within 25 years.

De-Bunking Meat Industry Myths

Wednesday, 11th Jan 23

Despite the overwhelming evidence that plant-rich eating contributes to a more sustainable, healthier world, big players in meat production are determined to pose mass-meat consumption as harmless - and they spend billions each year doing so.

No Meat May saves 1.9 million animals in...

Tuesday, 27th Jul 21

The results are in! With each of our 65,055 registered participants for No Meat May 2021 saving approximately 31 land and sea animals, we saved a collective total of 1,984,178 living beings!