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Building a better you in 31 days

Monday, 8th Apr 24

You’ve decided to ditch animal products for a month! It’s not just our furry friends and the planet who’ll thank you, so will your body. Changing the way you eat might seem a little daunting at first but your efforts will be rewarded. In this blog we cover seven short-term benefits of ditching meat and upping the veggies!

Game Changing Athletes: Plant-based and ...

Monday, 22nd Jan 24

In this interview, we debunk the notion that fitness and athletic performance is reliant on eating meat. Whether it’s to build muscle or increase stamina, it is absolutely possible to smash your fitness goals eating a plant-based diet!

How to live to 100! Secrets from the Bl...

Friday, 22nd Sep 23

Your passport to the world's secret clubs of centenarians! Our review of the new Netflix series that takes us on an inspiring trip around the blue zones - from Okinawa's sandy shores to the ancient island of Ikaria. And you get to hang with the locals all without leaving your couch.

Boosting your Omega intake

Friday, 25th Aug 23

Omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids are important in helping to regulate metabolism, reducing inflammation, supporting brain function, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and supporting heart health. Read on for our tops on meeting your omega needs!

Meat, men, and toxic masculinity

Wednesday, 21st Jul 21

Why is gendered eating still a thing? We surveyed 1,000 Australians in March 2021 and 73% of male respondents were so wedded to meat, they would rather live up to 10 fewer years than give it up.

Meat-free diets are ‘unmanly’? Someo...

Sunday, 2nd May 21

If eating zero meat makes you less of a “masculine” man than those who do, then someone forgot to tell Forest Nash. The 29-year-old Men’s Physique bodybuilding champion & fitness trainer has never eaten meat.