Have a Cracking Cruelty-Free Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ✨ But navigating the Christmas dinner table can be a tricky one, especially if you are new to plant-based eating, or dining with family and friends who are eating meat. 

But dinner doesn’t have to be just a plate of soggy veg and gravy. There are so many incredible plant-based options in the supermarket’s these days that you don’t need to miss out on mince pies and Yorkshire puddings, and there are some really talented recipe creators and chefs online hero-ing vegetables and meat-free dishes that are fit for any festive table. 

We encourage you to get into the kitchen, have some fun and create a showstopper or a few side dishes the whole family won’t be able to resist! But if you don’t know where to begin, read on for our top tips and recipes for having a cracking cruelty-free Christmas!

First up, let people know you're eating plant-rich!

If you are visiting friends or relatives, let them know in advance that you’ll be bringing some plant-based dishes, and also kindly ask that they don’t add any unnecessary animal products to the potatoes, gravy and veg so you can all enjoy the festive feast together! Most friends and family will understand, and you can offer to bring some of the dishes to help out. Olive oil roast potatoes are just as tasty - trust us, we’ve been eating them for years! And plant-based milk and butter works wonders for a creamy mash!

Plant-based platters 

If you're not feeling confident in your cooking skills or bringing a large dish to Christmas, why not create a plant-based platter. Festive fruits, chocolate and nuts, plant-based cheeses, crackers and pickles. Maybe even have a go at these tasty Vegan 'Pork' Pies. No one says no to a platter!

Create a crowd-pleaser 

If cooking is your jam, you can’t beat turning up with a show-stopping dish for the table - show-off and let people see how delicious plant-based eating can be. We’ve listed a few of our favourite christmas recipes below - the Roast Wellington is out of this world! And don’t forget the Christmas pud - try the Blackforest Trifle for a chocolate twist on a yuletide classic. Oh and do yourself a favour - do not boil your Brussels - yuk. No wonder we grew up disliking them so much. Those bad boys are crying out to be roasted, with lashings of garlic and olive oil and more garlic.

Our favourite Christmas recipes

No Meat May 'Prawn' Cocktail

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The Ultimate Black Forest Vegan Trifle

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The Best Lentil Meatloaf

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Garlic & Ginger Brussel Sprouts

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Chestnut, Mushroom & Squash Filo Wreath Pie

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The Best Roast Potatoes 

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Bosh! Vegan Beef Wellington 

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Vegan Yorkshire Puddings

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Vegan Cauliflower Cheese

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Make sure to do your research, read up on a few recipes to find one that suits your cooking skills (we’ve had some ambitious failures in the past), and get ready to dazzle everyone with your culinary delights. Introducing these new foods may be scary at first, but preparation is key. Your friends and family will be wowed - and maybe you can even convince them to take on the No Meat May challenge next year 😉

We hope you give some of these recipes a try, and maybe even find a new favourite. Ultimately, remember Christmas is a day to enjoy, be merry and stuff your belly.

Mariah, take it away... 

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