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Building a better you in 31 days

Monday, 8th Apr 24

You’ve decided to ditch animal products for a month! It’s not just our furry friends and the planet who’ll thank you, so will your body. Changing the way you eat might seem a little daunting at first but your efforts will be rewarded. In this blog we cover seven short-term benefits of ditching meat and upping the veggies!

Farmer Shifts to Kinder Milk

Monday, 25th Mar 24

Former dairy farmer, turned oat milk farmer shares his inspiring story on making the transition to plant-based farming, as seen in the incredible, award-winning documentary 73 Cows.

Grain Drain: How Animal Feed Devours Our...

Tuesday, 20th Feb 24

We don’t need to ramp up global food production to feed the world. We make more than enough food to feed the world’s population, but... a HUGE portion of it is fed to livestock. Understanding and reducing food waste at all stages of our food systems is crucial for ensuring a sustainable food future.

South Korea's Food Waste Solution

Wednesday, 14th Feb 24

Food waste is a huge global issue, however, South Korea are leading the way by effectively diverting 90% of their food waste from landfill, and converting it into heating, fertiliser, and animal feed.

Here's the lowdown on COP28

Tuesday, 23rd Jan 24

COP28 happened just last month, and there’s a lot to break down, but one things for certain—we must crank up the pressure to full throttle, and keep pushing for action to accelerate the change we so desperately need.

Sanctuary Stories: Mario, The Last Pig

Monday, 11th Dec 23

Mario was rescued when a former pig farmer had a change of heart after repeatedly noticing the intellectual and emotional capabilities of the animals he was raising for slaughter. Read all about Mario’s incredible story, and the sanctuary that rescued him.

Have a Cracking Cruelty-Free Christmas

Wednesday, 6th Dec 23

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But navigating the Christmas dinner table can be a tricky one. If you don’t know where to begin, read on for our top tips and recipes for having a cracking cruelty-free Christmas!

Deforestation Rates Drop in Brazil's Ama...

Monday, 20th Nov 23

Amazon deforestation in Brazil plummets by 33.6% in 2023, driven by President Lula's environmental crackdown. Welcome news as Earth's forests absorb one-third of global carbon emissions. Despite progress, challenges remain in Brazil's pledge to end deforestation by 2030.

Tips for a Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

Thursday, 9th Nov 23

Each year for Thanksgiving, over 45 million turkeys are bred, drugged, and genetically manipulated to grow as large and as quickly possible. But there are so many plant-based alternatives that we can indulge in for Thanksgiving, where no turkeys are needlessly harmed.

Uni Students are going Meat-Free

Friday, 20th Oct 23

Just as universities are being increasingly pushed to divest from fossil fuels, students are calling for divestment from animal agriculture and for a switch to meat-free catering across their university campuses.

Sanctuary Stories: Ladybird from Lefty's...

Monday, 18th Sep 23

Ladybird was rescued from a Werribee cage egg farm, but as soon as she put her feet on the ground she was off and running... now no one can stop her! Read more about Ladybird and the incredible folks at Lefty's Place Animal Sanctuary.

Humpback Whale Population on the Rise

Monday, 28th Aug 23

Since the cessation of whale farming in the 1970s, Australia has witnessed a remarkable resurgence in humpback whale populations. Once on the brink of extinction due to relentless hunting, these marine giants have made an inspiring comeback.

Boosting your Omega intake

Friday, 25th Aug 23

Omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids are important in helping to regulate metabolism, reducing inflammation, supporting brain function, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and supporting heart health. Read on for our tops on meeting your omega needs!

To Fish... or not to Fish?

Monday, 21st Aug 23

“Can I eat fish whilst doing No Meat May?” - this is one of the biggest questions we get asked every year. Truth is, if we keep fishing at the current unsustainable rate we’ll have no fish left in our oceans within 25 years.

The World's First Native Bee Sanctuary

Friday, 21st Jul 23

Small but mighty, the humble bee is vital to the food we need to survive. But these wonderful creatures are in serious trouble... enter the first and only native wild bee sanctuary on the planet.

Boosting your Iron Levels

Saturday, 13th May 23

Iron is an essential element that aids in energy production within our bodies, but the World Health Organisation estimates that 25% of the world’s population has anaemia, and 30-50% of these cases are caused by an iron deficiency! Read on for our top tips on ensuring you have an iron-rich plant-based diet.

Q&A with Tracey Sharman (The Lentil Diar...

Friday, 24th Mar 23

Meet Tracey, also known as The Lentil Diaries - part of our incredible No Meat May community, who shares her inspiring meatless recipes with our Facebook Group; quite frankly, it is the cream of the plant-based crop. Join us as we find out more about Tracey's Vegan journey.

De-Bunking Meat Industry Myths

Wednesday, 11th Jan 23

Despite the overwhelming evidence that plant-rich eating contributes to a more sustainable, healthier world, big players in meat production are determined to pose mass-meat consumption as harmless - and they spend billions each year doing so.

World Vegan Day: So Many Reasons

Tuesday, 1st Nov 22

Going strong since 1994, World Vegan Day is a celebration of healthy living and compassion towards the world and its animals. To join in the festivities, No Meat May is taking the opportunity to revisit the many reasons WHY we support and love a plant-based lifestyle. 

Plant-Based Eating for Busy People

Friday, 21st Oct 22

It can be hard to create a balanced, plant-based meal that hits all the nutritional boxes, whilst juggling everything else life throws at us. In this blog we look at all the essentials you should be fitting into your busy day, and some quick go-to recipes for when you just don't have time to think.

The Food Waste Epidemic

Wednesday, 28th Sep 22

Many of us have made a habit of buying more food than we need, often letting it spoil. But did you know that wasting food equals more greenhouse gas emissions, intensifying climate change impacts.

Meat-free diets are ‘unmanly’? Someo...

Sunday, 2nd May 21

If eating zero meat makes you less of a “masculine” man than those who do, then someone forgot to tell Forest Nash. The 29-year-old Men’s Physique bodybuilding champion & fitness trainer has never eaten meat.