Ryan Alexander

Ryan is the Co-founder & Managing Director of No Meat May. Former Director of Corporate Services at Cancer Council Australia, Ryan is passionate about evidenced based information, building healthy & empowering communities, and the power of incredible food to change up our culture & help create a more sustainable and compassionate world.

Guy James Whitworth

Guy is the Co-founder & Creative Director of No Meat May. Guy is an award-winning artist who studied fashion at Epsom College, and has worked in costume making for much of their professional life. Guy brings their art, all the laughs, British charm, and the creative concepts to No Meat May.

Laura Goatley

Graphic designer and content extraordinaire, Laura brings our social strategy to life, curating a content calendar to communicate why No Meat May is a challenge that everyone should get involved in. Working with our Dietitian consultants, Laura has pulled together interactive meal plans to ensure recruits stay the course, and experience the best of plant based eating.

Felicity Kitson

Communications guru, Felicity is a self-titled first-class word nerd who has crafted copy for No Meat May since its inception in 2013. An active member of the No Meat May Committee, Felicity leverages her skills and network to ensure No Meat May keeps moving forward reaching new people year on year. 

Amy Vuong

Since joining the team in 2017, Amy's graphics, poster designs, and engaging animations have helped the campaign connect with a new audience. Amy is also a complete gun at project management and ensures we optimise our time and the campaign rolls out bigger and better each year.    

Gianluca Acciarito

Gianluca is a fab foodie video legend, who films and edits all our tasty cooking demonstrations, and helps to inspire No Meat May recruits to stay the course. Joining the team in 2019, Gianluca has also built the No Meat May YouTube channel, plus he featured in and worked on our 2021 campaign.  

Chris Gleisner

Chris and her partner John built their own kitchen - true story. They loan it to all of the clever No Meat May cooks & chefs to share cooking demos with us all. Chris also co-curated the Revolution Starts Here exhibition. A fab photographer who shoots at many No Meat May events, Chris also supports our campaign comms with research into those 4 BIG reasons. 

Nicola Bailey

Nicola is one of the original 30 who took on the No Meat May Challenge way back in 2013. Now an active member of the Committee, Nicola co-curated the photography exhibition Revolution Starts Here. Nicola also contributes their powerful photographs to communicate some of the big issues around meat consumption, and directs many of our No Meat May campaign shoots.

Louise-Claire Cayzer

Louise-Claire is one half of the dynamic duo the Vegan Larder. Louise shares her incredible recipes and cooking demos with No Meat May participants each year. Louise also helps to moderate our social media channel from the UK allowing those of us in the Southern Hemisphere to get some sleep during the hectic campaign period.   

Our Governance

No Meat May Incorporated is the Charity that runs the annual No Meat May Challenge. Registered in Australia with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission, No Meat May is fiercely inclusive, supporting all people to shift to healthier, more sustainable, and kinder plant-rich diets. 

Our Committee

Ryan Alexander, Public Officer

Lisa Saremel, Secretary

Guy James Whitworth

Nicola Bailey

Felicity Kitson

Jodie Milne

Rebecca Lothian