Uni Student's are going Meat-Free

Power to the people! Strides towards plant-rich eating are being made amongst university students, who are calling for meat-free catering across their university campuses.

Cambridge votes to go fully vegan 

Take Cambridge University for example, where the students’ union voted in February this year in support of a campus-wide, solely plant-based menu. 

Their reasoning? Helping to combat the “climate and biodiversity crises.”

The students pushing for these changes come from Plant-Based Cambridge, one branch of a wider initiative, Plant Based Universities, that spans more than 40 institutions. 

Whether the campaign will be fully implemented by the university is uncertain, as the university ultimately makes this decision. However, the students union has taken the first steps towards these changes by passing PBUC’s motion. William Smith, a member of Cambridge PBUC stated:

“By removing animal products from its menus, the university could significantly reduce its environmental impact and showcase to the world its commitment to sustainability.

“The university catering services has already made important strides, for example in 2016 when it removed beef and lamb from all its menus. We look forward to working with them on the next necessary steps.”

Monash Faculty of Arts shifts it catering options

In July this year, Monash Faculty of Arts announced that it is only offering vegetarian options at faculty-catered events. 

The Faculty’s Dean, Professor Katie Stevenson stated:

“Scientific research is clear that one of the most impactful steps an individual can take to reduce our environmental impact is to eat less meat and seafood, but this is often difficult for individuals to enact in their daily lives and remains an unachieved goal.”

Stevenson noted that this campaign was a response to Monash’s Impact 2030 Climate Change agenda, and the importance of powerful institutions that outwardly push for climate change solutions to reflect on their own internal practices:

“Universities have a significant responsibility to their local and national communities and our corporate standards have widespread influence on ethics and sustainable practices. We hope that the Monash Faculty of Arts can provide a model for other organisations to consider their corporate practices as a positive step to change our impact on our environment.”

Plant Based Universities - the Student Climate Activism Hub

The place where it's all at is the Plant Based Universities website, where you can keep tabs on the amazing work university students are doing to highlight that diet change combats climate change. On top of this they offer resources for students, in case you are at university yourself and want to work towards change on your campus. 

Just as universities are being increasingly pushed to divest from fossil fuels, these students are showing great leadership calling for divestment from animal agriculture. Watch this space!

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