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Farmer Shifts to Kinder Milk

Monday, 25th Mar 24

Former dairy farmer, turned oat milk farmer shares his inspiring story on making the transition to plant-based farming, as seen in the incredible, award-winning documentary 73 Cows.

Grain Drain: How Animal Feed Devours Our...

Tuesday, 20th Feb 24

We don’t need to ramp up global food production to feed the world. We make more than enough food to feed the world’s population, but... a HUGE portion of it is fed to livestock. Understanding and reducing food waste at all stages of our food systems is crucial for ensuring a sustainable food future.

South Korea's Food Waste Solution

Wednesday, 14th Feb 24

Food waste is a huge global issue, however, South Korea are leading the way by effectively diverting 90% of their food waste from landfill, and converting it into heating, fertiliser, and animal feed.

Here's the lowdown on COP28

Tuesday, 23rd Jan 24

COP28 happened just last month, and there’s a lot to break down, but one things for certain—we must crank up the pressure to full throttle, and keep pushing for action to accelerate the change we so desperately need.

Deforestation Rates Drop in Brazil's Ama...

Monday, 20th Nov 23

Amazon deforestation in Brazil plummets by 33.6% in 2023, driven by President Lula's environmental crackdown. Welcome news as Earth's forests absorb one-third of global carbon emissions. Despite progress, challenges remain in Brazil's pledge to end deforestation by 2030.

Meat and Deforestation

Monday, 6th Nov 23

What does eating beef, pork or chicken have to do with deforestation? Learn more about the environmental impact of our growing meat consumption, and how you can help slow down the destruction.

Humpback Whale Population on the Rise

Monday, 28th Aug 23

Since the cessation of whale farming in the 1970s, Australia has witnessed a remarkable resurgence in humpback whale populations. Once on the brink of extinction due to relentless hunting, these marine giants have made an inspiring comeback.

The Food Waste Epidemic

Wednesday, 28th Sep 22

Many of us have made a habit of buying more food than we need, often letting it spoil. But did you know that wasting food equals more greenhouse gas emissions, intensifying climate change impacts.

The carbon footprint of your protein

Wednesday, 3rd Mar 21

If you aren’t ready or willing to give up meat—which could halve the carbon footprint of your diet in one fell swoop—should you change what kinds of meat you’re eating, or just opt for fewer meat-filled meals?

Oxford Students Vote to Ban Lamb and Bee...

Sunday, 22nd Nov 20

College dining halls typically feature meat-heavy menus with few veggie options, but Oxford students are voting to ban meat from the majority of campus eateries with the goal of making uni more earth-friendly.