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No Meat May's mission is to inspire and support more people to shift to plant-rich eating, so we can build a healthier, kinder, more sustainable world.

About No Meat May

No Meat May started in 2013. We come back bigger and stronger every year, partly because the food keeps getting better! But mostly because of the incredible stories people share with us on how taking part in this 31 day challenge has changed their life for the better. This is the fuel that keeps our engines firing. 🔥 

We are determined to inspire more people like you to change the world by shifting to more plant-rich eating. And we are committed to ensure everyone has a good time & does it well. 

We depend on the generosity of this community to keep doing what we do. Funds raised through the No Meat May challenge are directed 100% to improving the event year on year and to supporting more people to shift to plant-rich eating for those 4 BIG reasons. 

Our Vision

We dream of a world without chronic disease, hunger or factory farming - where food systems keep us all healthy, without hurting animals or destroying our environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and support more people to shift to plant-rich eating, so we can build a healthier, kinder, more sustainable world.

Our 4 Big Reasons

Less meat = healthier planet, healthier people, happier animals, and enough food for everyone. 

Meet the Team

The cool kids on the block, putting in the hard yards to make this all happen.

Our Partners

Working together with our amazing partners towards a healthier, kinder & more sustainable world.

In the Media

People can't stop talking about us - and can you blame them! We're here to make a difference.

"This was one challenge in my life that I'm so very proud of. There will be some profound changes in my diet from here on thanks to No Meat May"

- Louise K


What is No Meat May?

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No Meat May is the world's biggest & best No Meat Month - a 31 day challenge that starts on 1 May and runs through until 31 May each year.

You make your pledge (no meat, or no animal products) and we back you 100%! 

Register today and get ready for some fun in the kitchen!

Here are answers to some questions that we get asked. For more info, please contact us

Whats with the 'Anarchy A' in your logo?

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No Meat May is a little bit punk, a little bit political, a little bit angry at the state of the world, and a big bit about empowering people to change things up for the better. 🙌⁠

At No Meat May, we aim to inspire personal revolutions - and a universal one.

We start by asking people to 'question what they're being fed?' - so they can opt out of chronic lifestyle diseases, the cruelty of intensive factory farming, environmental destruction, and an unjust food system that leaves millions going hungry. ⁠

Because we want more free-thinking people to engage with the big issues of food production, and not be told what to eat by governments in the pockets of big meat, dairy and sugar industries. ✊

Rebellion is needed in a world where baby animals are slaughtered and forests and oceans destroyed for corporate profits. It's not right that people die every day from malnutrition, while others die prematurely from meat-laden diets that drive world hunger. ⁠

No Meat May taps into the spirit of both anarchy and kindness, as we empower people to reject the food status quo, and change things up for the better.

What is the impact of the No Meat May Challenge?

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Shifting to more plant-rich diets reduces both:

  • the number of land animals bred and killed in factory farms, and
  • the number of sea animals farmed or caught from our oceans. 

This has a postive impact in 4 BIG areas. 

  1. Improving personal & public health outcomes
  2. Reducing our extent of many environmental crises
  3. Improving future food and water security & 
  4. Helping to put an end to the cruelty and violence of Factory Farming 

Read more on the impact of the 2021 No Meat May Challenge here