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Switch to plant-rich eating for 31 days to improve your health, help the planet, save animals from suffering, and you'll do your bit for world hunger. Are you up for it? 

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From the blog...

What we achieved this year

With your help we can do so much more!


legends signed up for a month of incredible food in 2023


land animals spared in May 2023

(average 25 per person per year)


sea animals spared in May 2023

(average 341 per person per year - either eaten directly, used as animal feed, or discarded as by-catch)


tonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases saved annually by our 2023 participants

(estimate based on a sustained 50% reduction in meat consumption)


billion litres of water saved annually by our 2023 participants 

(estimate based on a sustained 25% reduction in fresh water used for food)

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