Get your workplace to take on the No Meat May Challenge!

Registering your workplace team is an easy way to help reduce our impact on the environment, improve workplace wellness and increase employee engagement.

What is the No Meat May Challenge?

The No Meat May Workplace Challenge is a free & inclusive event that challenges organisations and their employees to go meat-free during the month of May, and to share and enjoy incredible plant-based food from all around the world.

A plant-rich diet has proven health benefits, including increased energy levels, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and can also help in maintaining a healthy weight.

Whether you’re an employer committed to wellness and sustainability or a No Meat May participant who wants to get your co-workers involved, we have everything you need to run your No Meat May Workplace Challenge.

What are the benefits?

No Meat May Workplace Challenge for the environment

Good for the environment

We all have a responsibility to protect the natural world and reduce our impact on the environment. No Meat May is a great opportunity to show leadership and support staff to make positive changes.

vegan salad for No Meat May workplace challenge

Good for your people

Your employees will discover delicious plant-based food from all corners of the globe and learn to fill up their plates with more heart healthy whole foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Good for team culture

The No Meat May workplace challenge is a great way to build positive culture across teams, show your commitment to workplace wellness and social responsibility, and help attract and retain good people. 

Join a growing global community

It’s time to motivate your team to get involved! Taking on the No Meat May challenge together is a great team builder and helps everyone stay motivated throughout the month.

Along with the delicious recipes and weekly meal plans we’ll send you, there are so many different ways to get everyone involved, and most importantly, keep everyone motivated throughout the challenge.

Download the guide to see how you can get involved and what fun events you can organise to build a positive team spirit.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Events Page for a list of online cook-alongs and nutrition webinars we'll be hosting this May.

Let's make this the BIGGEST and BEST No Meat May!

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