No Meat May Cinema

Movies & documentaries to enlighten and inspire!

Kick back on the couch, or invite friends around for a screening, and learn about the impacts of our global over consumption of animal products with these must watch films. From the quirky and beautiful Okja, to the mind blowing Cowspiracy & What the Health, these films educate, and inspire, showing us why we need to change things up, and how to do it well.  

The No Meat May Cinema brings you the best plant-based, meat free documentaries & movies to enlighten and inspire.
Cowspiracy Documentary
A life on our planet film
The Game Changers Documentary
Swallowing the past
Seaspiracy Documentary
The End Of Medicine
Inhabit A Permaculture Perspective
My Octopus Teacher
Dolores Film
2040 Documentary
Speciesm The Movie
They're trying to kill us
What the Health Documentary
Before the Flood Documentary
Vegucated film
Blackfish Film
Eating Animals Movie
Gunda Film
Kate Winslet
Dominion Documentary
Okja Documentary
JoAnne McArthur Movie
Forks over Knives
Chicken Run Movie
Racing Extinction Documentary
73 Cows
The last pig movie