is ready to No Meat May!


No Meat May is a month-long challenge to inspire and support more people to shift to plant-rich eating.

I’ve joined a legendary community of people from all around the world who are helping the planet, caring for animals and improving their health, one plant-powered plate at a time.

Please sponsor me today to make every meat-free meal count! Every dollar raised is one step closer to a healthier, kinder, and more sustainable world. 

My Updates

Meatless Mudge

Saturday 29th Apr
I was veggo once for 7 years but then craved meat non stop during  my first pregnancy, so gave in and have eaten meat ever since. My first child is still quite the carnivore, maybe he was the one that was craving. So I’m hoping my cells will remember no meat Mudge and help see her through 31 days without it. Maybe it will be a permanent change. I hope so. 

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Samantha Gordon

Go Sis! You can do it! You'll be the one, the only.... No Meat Mudge by end of May. 😜