is ready to No Meat May!


No Meat May is a month-long challenge to inspire and support more people to shift to plant-rich eating.

I’ve joined a legendary community of people from all around the world who are helping the planet, caring for animals and improving their health, one plant-powered plate at a time.

Please sponsor me today to make every meat-free meal count! Every dollar raised is one step closer to a healthier, kinder, and more sustainable world. 

My Updates

Final Day!

Wednesday 31st May
It was tough, not as tough as I thought though. I felt a little dizzy at times, and eating with family and friends who still ate meat was... challenging. But Alas, I've made it! My will power is still going strong 💪 and I'm proud of myself. I should have weighed myself prior to this challenge, but nevermind, my pants are fitting a little better than before. Hooray for me, and thanks again for all my family and friends' love and support this month, much love and respect back to you all. And here's to a better way of farming for the future 😘

Thankyou to my sponsors

Thursday 4th May
A big thanks to all my sponsors. I am starving, hangry if you will. But my sponsors make it all worth it. I love you all ❤️😘

Day 2 of No Meat May

Tuesday 2nd May
I'm having a potato themed dinner tonight. Vodka and potato scallops. I've really got this! 

No Meat May a short Blog

Saturday 22nd Apr
Good morning 🌄. I am not a blogger. This is my first blog, and probably the last. I eat meat, however I wish there was a better way to farm meat. I live in a rural area, and see the various stages of farming vividly with my own eyes. From seperating the young from their mothers, causing the mums to scream all night in the paddocks, to that breath taking smell of a cattle truck hurtling towards the abitoir, for the final torture. There must be another way. All my love and regards Elfcat. 

Thank you to my Sponsors




Danielle Jones

You can do this !! 💪


Rochelle Russell

I love you my beautiful cousin. So proud of you!


Ingrid Hill