Plant-based zinc sources
Vegan sources of Zinc

Needed for reproduction, growth, wound healing, sexual maturation and for maintaining a healthy immune system.

While it is found widely in plant foods, its absorption is reduced by phytates found in wheat bran, wholegrains and legumes.

Processing a food by soaking, fermenting or sprouting can reduce the phytate level and make zinc more readily available.

Daily Zinc requirements

Women 19-50 years - 12mg
Women over 51 years - 14mg
Pregnancy - 15-16.5mg
Breastfeeding - 16.5-18mg
Men - 21mg

Tips for meeting your Zinc needs

Eat legumes, tofu, tempeh, nuts, seeds, and wholegrains regularly

Soak legumes before cooking, then drain and cook in fresh water

Use sprouted legumes (e.g. mung beans) in salads and sandwiches

Avoid using large quantities of unprocessed wheat bran, which is high in phytates

vegan zinc nuts and seeds plant-based diet

Source: Dr Kate Marsh BSc, MNutrDiet, PhD, Grad Cert Diab Edn & Mgt Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian