Eating out tips for plant based eating

Meet your new best friend - The Happy Cow app!

Listing the best plant powered plates, and meat-free dining options across the globe, Happy Cow is your go to when eating out. We recommend the free mobile app - it has GPS tracking, so you can hunt down that veggie burger fast.

And if you are already out and in a pickle, we recommend talking to your waitress/waiter, they can almost always create something awesome for you. You can also ring ahead to check on the plant powered options. There are also many great restaurants not yet listed on Happy Cow that plate up delicious veggie options.

An exciting new world of food will emerge when you change your focus.

Happy Cow is a free app that showcases the best plant-based and vegan food across the world. So no matter where you are, you will always be able to find a place to eat fantastic veggie food!
Shift Eatery Sydney
Yellow Sydney
O Bar & Dining
Veginity - Dublin
Charlie Was A Sinner - Philadelphia
Gracias Madre - San Fancisco
Modern Love - Brooklyn NYC
Hello 123 - Toronto
Kindness Cafe
Bodhi Sydney
Smith & Daughters - Melbourne
Rasa Restaurant - London
Shakahari Too - Melbourne
Transformer - Melbourne
The Naam - Vancouver
Cornucopia - Dublin
Chau Veggie Express - Vancouver
Lucky Leek - Berlin
Hey Kokomo - Vancouver
Peppes Sydney
Gigi's Sydney
Little Bird Kitchen - Auckland
Joie - Singapore
Veg'n Friends - Christchurch
Lexi's Eatery - Johannesburg
Treehouse - Hong Kong
Gracias Madre - San Fancisco
Hello 123 - Toronto
Lucky Leek - Berlin
Do Chay - Vancouver
Bamboo Power - Capetown
Smith & Daughters - Melbourne
Miami Nice - Portland
Cadence - NYC

An exciting new world of food will emerge when you change your focus.