Volunteer Opportunities

Workplace Champions

We are looking for workplace champions to motivate their people and workplaces to get involved! Taking on the No Meat May Challenge together is a great team builder and helps everyone stay motivated throughout the month. 

There are so many different ways to get everyone involved, and most importantly, keep everyone motivated throughout the challenge.

Ideally workplace champions will help organise some events and help to build a positive team spirit. Picnics, potlucks, food safaris, recipe swaps, dare your boss to take on the challenge, film screenings, and cooking lessons! live or live-streamed through your workplace team page.

If this sounds like you get in touch and we will support you to take No Meat May to your workplace. 

City Champions

Is No Meat May not yet a thing in your city? Well, you can help change that!  City Champions play to their strengths and can take action in many different ways to engage people with the No Meat May Challenge.

Approaching plant based businesses to offer participant discounts is a win win - it helps get the word out, and also provides an extra incentive for people to sign up.  

Hosting a stall at your local market to sign people up is super effective. We can supply you with posters & stickers to help you take No Meat May to the people!  

If politics is more your thing, challenging your Mayor or local city council to walk the talk for the environment and sign up for No Meat May is a brilliant way to action some change in your city. 

If any/all of this is sounding like you, click here and we will support and work with you to champion No Meat May in your city.  

Recipe creators

Is making inspiring plant-based food your jam? We are always on the hunt for scrummy recipes to share with the No Meat May community. 

Not only will you help inspire and support participants with new tricks and food combinations. But you will almost certainly gain some highly-engaged new followers. 

Social media moderation

Field questions from the mighty veg-curious and challenge or block the trolls.  Helping to moderate our social media channels is critical to increasing engagement and ensuring as many people as possible engage with this fun, life-saving challenge. 

Your excellent communications skills, cheeky sense of humour, and discerning judgement will all get a good workout as you help moderate our social channels, and keep our communities safe. Discerning a potential challenge participant from a meat-head troll is quite the art-form.


Our online communities are dynamic and diverse, and so are our incredible mentors. Plant powered gurus and participants from last year all have different perspectives that are highly valued by people taking on the No Meat May challenge.  Our mentors know there is no perfect or pure and that every step in the less meat direction is one to be celebrated. 

Sharing your knowledge, motivation and or support skills is valuable and helps people to stay the course. As does sharing your fave kitchen hacks. 

You will need a sunny disposition and feet grounded in evidence to take on this highly-valued role.

Writers & Content development

We are always looking for new and interesting content to share with our communities.  From interpreting new science and research in a way that can be understood, to sharing the inspiring stories from our incredible community - we have many exciting and untold stories to tell. 

And in our brave new world there are many different ways to communicate. 

If you have strong writing skills, can produce or edit video content, or write engaging copy, this maybe the gig you've been waiting for. 

If you've got heaps of skills, but can't see a role that speaks to you, we'd still love to hear from you - get in touch below!